Customer Research International, Inc. (CRI) is a data collection research firm headquartered in the Austin-San Marcos, TX metropolitan area. CRI has conducted thousands of research projects for a wide range of clients, including state and municipal entities, universities, media outlets, political pollsters, public policy scientists, retail corporations, high tech companies, and more.

We’re backed by a staff of experienced managers, programmers, and supervisors who oversee 1000+ professionally-trained interviewers, including a full complement of bilingual interviewers.

CRI’s headquarters and one of five call center operations is located in San Marcos, Texas 15 minutes south of Austin and two blocks away from Texas State University, with 35,000+ students currently enrolled. CRI has had a presence in San Marcos since 1999. In 2004, the CRI call center was relocated to an 8,300 sq. ft. purchased facility that currently accommodates corporate administrative offices and 108 call center stations. CRI also has 225 CATI stations in Bryan/College Station (home of Texas A&M University), 158 CATI stations in Houston, TX, 116 CATI stations in San Antonio, TX and another 225 CATI stations in Corpus Christi. A contingent of 100+ work-from-home interviewers also supplements CRI’s production efforts as the largest U.S. survey research data collection firm with over 100,000 hours available monthly capacity.

Our reputation in all five geographical areas attracts educated, skilled and articulate employees looking for flexible, challenging and meaningful work. With 25 years of experience assisting national, state, and local government agencies with their research needs, CRI has a proven track record of delivering high quality market research data collection and analytic services.